Me, Myself n I...

Ini post pertama aku. Sebenarnyer banyak yg aku nk luah kan, tapi utk first posting aku rasa nak buat yg simple-simple jer. Well, blog ni akan jadi tempat aku untuk luah kan rasa tak puas hati aku pada semua org tentang semua perkara. Sebab aku selalu simpan dlm hati semua rasa tak puas hati tu n it doesn't help. Now I have a new approach of meluahkn perasaan n membetulkan apa yg tk btol. Harap-harap blog ni dapat membantu aku meluahkn perasaan yg tebuku dalam hati aku.

I am just being myself. Sometimes it can hurt someone and if this happen to you, I am sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone. But this is my journey and this is how i choose to go through it. It helps me to be a better person. I found my path, and I choose to go through no matter what. I knew the starting point and the end of this journey but I want to write something in between. Something nice, something beautiful. So I write them with my tears and pain. And I decorate them with my joy and laughter. Together they've become my memories. The one thing that you can never steal from me. The one thing that is eternally mine. The one thing that makes me ME.

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