What would you do if you can’t let go someone that you love, knowing that if you stay by his side he will hurt you more??? What would you do if you are stuck in this position??? He hurts you more and more with each passing day, and you cry and cry but alone in your heart. You can’t tell him how much he hurts you because you love him, but you can’t bear the pain. It makes you wanna run as far as you could but you can’t. You can’t live in tears but you can’t let him go. Can you pretend like everything is ok when they are not??? Can you still smile with a broken heart in front of him??? Will he ever know what he has done to you??? Will he regret it??? Will he mend your broken heart??? Will you ever gonna forget him??? Or will you love him till the day you die??? Will you ever believe in love again???


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I am just being myself. Sometimes it can hurt someone and if this happen to you, I am sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone. But this is my journey and this is how i choose to go through it. It helps me to be a better person. I found my path, and I choose to go through no matter what. I knew the starting point and the end of this journey but I want to write something in between. Something nice, something beautiful. So I write them with my tears and pain. And I decorate them with my joy and laughter. Together they've become my memories. The one thing that you can never steal from me. The one thing that is eternally mine. The one thing that makes me ME.

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