i Hate hIm!!!

Huh! Final kembali lagi!!! And guess what! Final is not the only thing yang kembali lagi! Dia kembali lagi! Just when I thought I’m over him! He came back! For what??? I don’t know! Maybe to leave me again or maybe just to be my friend. I hate him for making me wait for him! I hate him because he always disappears and left me without any explanation! I hate him because he always comes back and it hurts me every time I meet him! I hate him because he always said he loves me and then leaves me! I hate him because he loves me! But I can never hate him like I love him! God why does this have to happen to me???

Now I’m so confuse and I have dozens of works to do and I can’t concentrate! I hate my life! ARRGHH…!!!


Blogger najwan halimi said...

sabar itu sebahagian dari iman.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous JariPlanta said...

Who's him? i wonder~

7:16 PM  
Anonymous saya lah dia said...

Does he know dat u hate him & make u wait & u luv him? No body know where we might end up..No body know.. Suppose he will neva know...

7:21 PM  
Anonymous alisyaasofia said...

salam maulidur-rasul..selawat & salam buat Rasulullah S.A.W. & kaum keluarganya.. :)

11:37 PM  
Anonymous alisyaasofia said...

salam sya

hepi holiday,take care,jgn nakal2..jumpe slps 3 bln nnt.. :D

salam sayang

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorie saya mengambil masa yang lama untuk reply komen. Internet di campus buat hal.

Who is him???he is my bestfren for the pass 8 years. I met him in high school.

Saya lah dia
He knew I luv him…n he said he luv me too…


1:20 AM  
Anonymous alisyaasofia said...

salam sha..

pekabo??free2 dtg la..umah ek..

9:42 AM  
Anonymous wanie said...

hepi holiday..take care..jumpe nnt awal september :) insyaALLAH

3:38 PM  
Blogger KRiE12 said...

So, still hate wif ur lyf? =P

Lame tak update blog eyh..Percer?

2:15 AM  

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